• Children in Haiti desperately need your help

Children in Haiti desperately need your help

17th July 2013 Posted in: Emergencies
There is no good way to report the news from Haiti.  As many as 100,000 have died. Tens of thousands more – especially children – are at risk and may not survive without our immediate help.

The initial response to yesterday’s appeal has already saved countless lives, but the need is huge. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to save these children.

Latest update:
  • 3 million impacted.
  • Casualties estimate high, over 100,000 dead.
  • Tens of thousands more injured.
  • Immediate needs [without more of the following, casualties will skyrocket, especially children]: emergency medical supplies and temporary facilities, safe water, nutrition packets, temporary shelter systems.
  • Children separated from families exceed existing temporary shelters.  Many are roaming in debris, injured, at risk of greater injury or death.
  • Electricity not available. Widespread structural damage. Shanty towns leveled. Local Government desperately needs help to respond to the crisis.
Please support UNICEF.