Syrian Children’s Crisis

Syrian children's lives have been devastated by war - they need help now. Donate today to provide life-saving assistance.

About this appeal

As Syria's bloody war enters its 10th year, millions of Syrian children are entering their second decade of life surrounded by war, violence, death and displacement.

And now, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to worsens, Syrian children are in imminent danger.

Tens of thousands of children are displaced or refugees - living in cramped make-shift camps with little to no access to medicine, soap or clean water. With handwashing and social distancing being the best defence against COVID-19, how will Syrian families stay safe?

Please donate now and help rush life-saving aid to Syrian children.

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Please donate now and help build a brighter future for Syria's children.

Syrian kids are hungry, cold and at huge risk of sickness, violence and death.

Not only do children need urgent protection from COVID-19 - but also the regular humanitarian aid they count on to survive. Food. Clean water. Vaccines. Safe-spaces.

UNICEF is on the ground, helping to protect and save Syrian children, but to continue we urgently need your help!

Please donate now and help give Syria's children life-saving supplies.

How will you help

UNICEF donors like you are helping support Syrian children and families with life-saving supplies and aid.

This includes urgently needed food, clean water, medicine, clothes, shelter and education, which is being provided within Syria, as well as to children and families who've fled to refugee camps in surrounding countries.

Syria | ©Unicef/UNI285802
Syria | ©Unicef/UNI285802

A boy smiles in a recently set-up informal tented settlement in Al-Qah village, about 3km from the Syrian-Turkish border, where numerous small informal tented settlements have been set-up by families seeking safety from escalating conflict in southern Rural Idlib.

Your gift is now also enabling us to rush vital supplies to tackle the spread of COVID-19 within Syrian refugee and displacement camps, such as urgently needed medical and hygiene supplies.

Please donate now and help Syrian children survive.

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