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4.8 Million Syrian Children Need Humanitarian Assistance*.

2021 marks the tenth year of the Syrian Crisis, and children remain at the centre of the tragedy. Across the entire region, children have been impacted by violence, displacement, severed family ties and lack of access to basic services such as clean water, health care and education, caused by the ongoing conflict. 

There’s no immediate solution to the 10 year Syrian crisis. And while it continues, UNICEF will continue to be there for the children who need us. 

For many Syrian children they know nothing other than war – but with your donation we can give them the essentials they need for hope. Hope for a better future. 

UNICEF & Partners Are On The Ground

In Syria and the surrounding countries, UNICEF is providing children with the critical essentials to help them cope with the impact of conflict and look towards a better 10 years ahead. 

UNICEF is continuing to deliver and facilitate vital humanitarian assistance such as providing vaccines, clean water and nutrition treatment – whilst providing or repairing sanitation facilities and getting children into education. 

Here is a snapshot of how UNICEF and partners helped Syrian children in 2020+. 

*UNICEF, Humanitarian Action for Children (HAC) report, 2021  


Appeal information updated 2nd June 2021.

Your life-saving monthly donations will support this appeal for 6 months. After that they will go into our Global Parent fund to save and protect children worldwide.


How will you help

By supporting UNICEF New Zealand’s Syria appeal, you’ll be helping provide Syrian children and families with urgent life-saving supplies and essential aid.  

Your gift will support the ongoing response and be used where it’s needed most. In 2021, UNICEF is focused on providing a range of support, including healthcare and nutrition treatment to children, providing clean water and sanitation facilities for families, and access to mental health and psychosocial support for children and caregivers. 

Your caring donation will help treat 13,500 malnourished children under 5, vaccinate 3.2 million against deadly polio and provide clean water to more than 4 million people*. 

You can make a huge difference - please donate now and help give Syrian children the essentials of hope. 


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Appeal updates

A life of conflict: Meet 10 year old Asinat

Published on Fri May 28 2021

At 10 years old, Asinat has known only war and violence in her short life. She was born at the start of the Syrian conflict, and with no end in sight, her life continues to be impacted on a daily basis.

One of Asinat's earliest memories is of fleeing her home as a toddler, as shells fell all around. Her family continued to be displaced over and over, as the violence followed them wherever they went.

"I remember running to my mother and burying my head in her lap whenever I heard the sounds of shelling,” she recalls.

Asinat has been scarred by years of war. But not having enough food has been equally traumatic for her.

“Hunger is what I will never forget.”

For over five years, Asinat and her family lived under a tight siege in east Ghouta, surviving mainly on bread.

“I remember waking up in the middle of the night crying of an empty stomach,” recalls Asinat. “My mother would have always left me a piece of bread from her share, but it was never enough,”.

As the siege raged on, the most basic food became harder to find and the cost skyrocketed - even flour became 100 times more expensive.

To help her family, Asinat would go on scavenger hunts with other children during the day. They'd collect wild greens for their mothers to cook; a desperate attempt to put anything in their bellies.

One day while still under siege, Asinat was feeling scared and hungry. So to make her feel better, her mother gave her five Syrian pounds so she could buy a chocolate bar once the siege was over.

Asinat did not even know what a chocolate bar was, she'd never seen one.

“My mom would go on and on about the taste," says Asinat, "so I held on to the money, dreaming of the day when mom’s stories about this chocolate bar become a reality!”

Asinat as other dreams too. They are very simple, and remain very distant.

“Ten years from now, I hope my home gets fixed and that we’ll be able to buy as much food as we need,” says Asinat.

“I also want to work with children and buy them biscuits, fruits and clothes.”

While the conflict in Syrian ticked passed 10 years in 2021, UNICEF has been on the ground helping children, supporting families and aiding communities to survive since the beginning of the conflict.

And we continue to ensure we reach those most in need, like Asinat and her family, every day.

By donating to UNICEF's Syria Appeal you'll be helping ensure our life saving work can continue.

Supporting malnourished Syrian children during the COVID-19 pandemic

Published on Thu Apr 16 2020

Despite movement restrictions across the Syrian Arab Republic, due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention measures, UNICEF’s health and nutrition partners continue to reach children and women with life-saving aid.

Mahmoudli camp in rural Ar-Raqqa is just one of the Syrian camps UNICEF supporters are providing aid for. Mahmoudli hosts more than 8,000 internally displaced people – many of which are children, who fled their homes due to escalating violence.

UNICEF's team visits the camp three times a week to provide nutrition services and to monitor and follow up on malnourished children. This support is critical when it comes to ensuring Syrian children survive the harsh conditions of the camp – with malnutrition still contributing to the death of millions of children around the world each year.

When malnourished, children are vulnerable to diseases, stunting and even death. This risk is now even more profound, as the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to grow. If the virus reaches the already crowded Syrian camps, it will spread at a lethal rate.

Children are the hidden victims of the COVID-19 pandemic and it is critical at these times that children’s access to learning, health, nutrition and protection services are not affected.

Please donate now and help UNICEF provide life-saving support to Syrian children and families.

The threat of COVID-19 for Syrian Refugees

Published on Thu Apr 02 2020

COVID-19 poses a huge risk to those living in refugee or displacement camps - where families live in cramped conditions, with little to no access to medicine, soap or clean water. With handwashing and social distancing being the best defence against COVID-19, it will be near impossible for Syrian families to avoid infection.

UNICEF is on the ground, supporting Syrian children with life-saving supplies - but the need is great. Not only do refugee children need the regular humanitarian assistance they lean on to survive - food, clean water, vaccines, medicine and safe-spaces, but now entire communities urgently need medical and hygiene supplies to curb the spread of infection.

The need for your support has never been greater. Please donate now and help rush supplies to the Syrian children that need it most.

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