Pacific Drought Emergency Appeal

Help deliver urgently needed water and emergency supplies to children and families in Kiribati and Tuvalu.

What is the drought situation in the Pacific?

Climate change coupled with La Niña weather conditions have caused escalating drought conditions in Kiribati and Tuvalu. An emergency has been declared by UNICEF and the Governments of both countries, with more than 100,000 children and families needing urgent humanitarian assistance.

Low rainfall and dry conditions are expected to threaten lives and livelihoods through until the end of 2022. Our Pacific neighbours need urgent help.

If you can, please make a donation to support UNICEF’s emergency response to this ongoing climate emergency.


What's UNICEF doing to support the drought response?

So far we've delivered 27 metric tons of WASH supplies to Kiribati, but the situation is deteriorating. We need your help to urgently scale up our response and supply essential water for drinking, cooking and personal hygiene to children and families. With donations from Kiwis like you, we’ll be able to save lives and livelihoods.  

So far we've delivered:

  • 1,500 household WASH kits.

  • 2,000 water containers.

  • 40,000 water purifying tablets (Aquatabs)

  • 3 portable water testing laboratory kits.

Having prepositioned emergency supplies in our humanitarian warehouses in Brisbane and Fiji, meant we could respond rapidly to support the Government of Kiribati.

In Kiribati:

  • The Kiribati Government will be provided with critical WASH equipment necessary to address the drought, such as equipment for groundwater testing and drinking water quality monitoring, and portable desalination units.

  • Water tanks will be installed at key locations within communities, including in health care facilities and schools, to serve as water points for refilling. WASH kits, water storage containers, and water disinfection materials will also be distributed to households to collect, store and treat drinking water.

  • Schools and healthcare facilities assessed and found to have critical WASH needs will be supported to ensure service continuity.

  • Water conservation messages, including messaging on household water treatment and storage will be promoted in all communities, households, and affected outer islands, to minimise the use of existing water supplies, reduce wastage.

In Tuvalu:

  • UNICEF will support the Government of Tuvalu in their RO operations through the provision of water bladders and tanks, solar submersible pumps, and small desalination units for small communities.

  • Water distribution and rationing will be supported through provision of skid-mounted water tanks with pumps, portable water bladders, and the provision of a water truck to increase capacity.

  • Technical assistance will be provided to the government through CSO partners including on areas as water conservation messages, including messaging on household water treatment and storage.

Potential Water Stress
Potential Water Stress

How can you help children and families?

Every moment matters in an emergency. By making a donation today, you'll be helping provide essential water and emergency supplies for children and families in Kiribati and Tuvalu.

In the days and weeks to come, as the drought continues, UNICEF will need to provide additional support to those most isolated and in need - support from people like you will be critical.

With 75 years experience and a global network, UNICEF responds to over 300 emergencies every year. Although we’re part of the United Nations, we’re entirely donor funded. With your help, we can ensure that kids and their families get essential life-saving access to water.  

If you can, please donate today and help our Pacific brothers and sisters in Kiribati and Tuvalu.  

Appeal information updated 12th August 2022.

Your life-saving monthly donations will support this appeal for 6 months. After that they will go into our Global Parent fund to save and protect children worldwide.

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Other ways to donate

You can also donate to this appeal via direct bank transfer or over the phone.

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