Coronavirus Emergency

Donate now to help protect children and families affected by the growing spread of coronavirus worldwide.

About this appeal

As at 7th April, more than 1.27 million people around the world have confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19). More than 72,600 people have died. And these numbers will continue to rise.

UNICEF’s life-saving work for children has never been more critical.

We’re working around the clock to mobilise teams and deliver essential supplies, such as urgently needed medical and hygiene goods, but in some cases the demand has risen to 100-times pre-outbreak levels. Resources are being hugely stretched and we need your support now more than ever.

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This is a large-scale global pandemic, and its impact on children, especially poor and vulnerable children, is immense. Everyone is at risk from coronavirus (COVID-19), but where children are particularly vulnerable is through disruption to health and education services, and the impact of separation from caregivers and family members.

UNICEF is working to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, but such is the scale of the emergency, that we urgently need your help to reach communities that need us most.

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Your donation will go directly towards funding UNICEF’s work to support children and families affected by coronavirus (COVID-19).

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