What we do

We save and transform children's lives.

We reach millions of children with our diverse programmes. And we are the world's leading emergency response agency for children.


Our Focus Areas

Every moment of every day, UNICEF is on the ground providing life-saving help for children in need. We provide families with clean water and sanitation, we vaccinate against childhood illness and we provide nourishment to fight malnutrition.

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Our Impact

UNICEF achieves amazing, life-changing results. Our statistics say it all With our main warehouse in Copenhagen and supply hubs around the world, in 2010 alone, UNICEF procured billions (literally!) of supplies for children. 23 million malaria...

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Emergency Relief

As the world's leading emergency response agency for children, we are there before, during and after emergencies, providing life-saving resources and delivering programmes that build-back-better once the clean-up is over. For over 60 years, our role...

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International Advocacy

UNICEF advocates to protect and promote children’s rights in the Pacific and everywhere around the world.

We speak on behalf of children and enable children to speak on their own behalf.

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Our Projects

  UNICEF NZ is actively helping children around the world. Our priority areas for supporting international projects are South East Asia and the Pacific Region.

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Children in New Zealand

All children in New Zealand have the right to a safe and healthy life that is free from abuse and violence. UNICEF carries out a range of activities to advocate for children in this country. We help give them a voice.

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