Donate your tax rebate

What is my tax rebate?

It's the money you can claim from the government for donations you've made during a tax year. You get 1/3 of the total you donated back (for each donation over $5).

Donate your tax rebate to UNICEF to make your initial donation go further for children!


How do I donate my tax rebate to UNICEF?

  1. Download the IR526 form
  2. Boxes 1-7: complete with your details
  3. Box 9: shows our details so that you can donate your rebate to UNICEF
  4. Boxes 10 and 11: leave blank
  5. Sign and date your form
  6. Attach your donation receipts to your form with a staple
  7. Send your completed form with receipts to:               

            Inland Revenue 

            PO Box 39090  

            Wellington Mail Centre 

            Lower Hutt 5045

       8. Inland Revenue will send UNICEF your tax rebate donation

Thank you, we will use your rebate to save and transform children's lives, wherever the need is greatest.

Please note

  • You'll need to update your bank account details with Inland Revenue if you don't wish to donate future tax rebate funds to UNICEF in subsequent years.
  • You can give all or part of your rebate to UNICEF
  • You can give your rebate to UNICEF even if your donations have been made to other charities
  • You can't use the form for any Payroll Giving donations, as you receive an immediate tax rebate each time you make a Payroll donation
  • If you want a receipt for your tax rebate donation (so you can claim a rebate on this donation next year), please email or call us with your rebate details.

When will I receive my tax receipts from UNICEF?

We'll post your tax receipts in April. If you haven't received yours at the end of April, get in touch and we'll help you out.

How do I claim my tax rebate for myself?

Look at IRD's advice.

Helpful info

IRD: Donations - what to do at the end of the tax year

IR526-2015.pdf (121kb)