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Thinking of Sponsoring a Child? See the benefits of becoming a Global Parent

It is our firm belief from years of experience working with children, that singling out an individual child is not the most effective way to improve children’s lives and change the issues that keep them trapped in poverty. Therefore UNICEF does not promote individual child sponsorship.

A Global Parent helps children through a range of life-changing programmes

By making a regular monthly donation as a UNICEF Global Parent you will be making real and lasting changes for many children, without selecting one child over another.

Global Parents, who donate monthly to UNICEF, instead of a monthly child sponsorship, support a wide range of life-changing programmes for vulnerable children. As a Global Parent, one month you could help prevent a girl from being taken away from her family and trafficked into child labour, next month you could help immunise a young child against deadly diseases such as polio or measles.

Sponsor a child Phoebe

Phoebe washes her hands with soap immediately after using the sanitary facilities.

A Global Parent works at every level for children

UNICEF has huge influence because we work at every level for children – from strong involvement with local communities, right up to influencing government policy around children.

We view children’s well-being in a holistic way, by working with all stakeholders, including local communities, companies, partner organisations, governments and non-government organisations, we can ensure children's needs and rights are being met.

UNICEF works with people and communities around the world. We don’t discriminate by religion, ethnicity, background or political beliefs. We always put children first. This means that your donations as a Global Parent go much further than sponsoring a single child or making a helpful one-off donation.

A Global Parent benefits the whole community, rather than a single child

Another potential issue with child sponsorship is that helping an individual child can potentially interfere with family or community relationships. Global Parents allow UNICEF to help hundreds of children every day, benefiting every child in a community. A good example is, building a new school will not single out just one child for sponsorship and special treatment, but will benefit all children in the community.

Global Parents allow UNICEF to reach more countries and access more areas where other organisations are denied access. Rather than sponsoring a child, when you become a UNICEF Global Parent you will be helping children all over the world, many of whom live in the poorest and most vulnerable situations on earth.

Global Parents provide positive, long-term change to children and communities, regardless of their gender, race, religion or ethnicity. Working in over 150 countries worldwide, you can make a huge difference in the lives of many, many children by becoming a Global Parent.

UNICEF Global Parents’ regular donations let us know the extent of funds we can commit in advance, allowing us to plan effectively and transfer funds quickly when necessary.

Become a Global Parent today and you can start to make a huge difference to millions of children.

Sponsor a child Peru

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