Here are the supplies we need:

Will provide 8,000 water purification tablets, so we can rehydrate exhausted children.

Will provide over 500 oral re-hydration salts, which are used to save the lives of children from dehydration caused illnesses like diarrhea.

Will provide 5 clean water kits, so we can provide families with clean water.

Will provide 6 heavy duty tarpaulin sets, to shelter children & families who have lost their home.

Will provide hygiene kits for 3 families, so they have hygiene basics like soap, tooth brushes & tooth paste, and much more. Hygiene kits are instrumental in stopping the spread of disease.

UNICEF is urgently requesting funds to respond to the worst flooding ever seen in the Solomon Islands.

Heavy rains and flash flooding have hit the Solomons Islands hard. Washing away houses and destroying infrastructure and livelihoods. At least 52,000 people have been affected, half of these are children.

Please make an immediate $60 donation to help replenish emergency supplies.

UNICEF has distributed prepositioned supplies, including water purification tablets, water containers, soap, tents and school-in-a-box kits. But these supplies urgently need to be restocked as they run low. 

Your support will reach vulnerable children and families who have been displaced from their homes and are in urgent need.

LATEST UPDATE - About 24,000 children in parts of Solomon Islands hit by flash floods are being vaccinated in a bid to prevent disease outbreaks. The campaign, led by the local health officials in partnership with Unicef and the World Health Organisation, aims to immunise at least 95 percent of all children under five in the capital Honiara and Guadalcanal province.

Health workers will visit communities and centres for flood victims to vaccinate against measles, rubella and polio. Children will also receive vitamin A tablets and worming pills to keep them healthy.

These young children, Alistair, Harry and Lester all survived the flash floods with the help of plastic basins. Read their incredible tale of survival here.

Your support is needed in the Solomon Islands.