For every child the greatest challenge they'll ever face is during the first 28 days of life. This is the fight for survival. 

Babies in the Solomon Islands face a greater fight for survival than most, and it's a fight many are losing. Half of all under 5 deaths in the Solomons are babies in their first 28 days.

We need your help to save these babies lives.

Join UNICEF Ambassadors Gareth and Jo Morgan, and help make a difference for new-born babies and mums in the Solomon Islands. Every dollar you give will be matched by Gareth and Jo.

That means one new-born care kit it becomes two, or two trained health volunteers becomes four. You'll be having twice the impact. 

Make a matched donation today.


A lack of access to health care for Solomon Island mothers during pregnancy, childbirth and the post-natal period leads to life-threatening problems for babies. Couple this with low birth weight and lack of skilled birth attendance, illnesses such as diarrhoea and infection and you can see why half of all under five deaths in the Solomon Islands are babies in their first 28 days. What's tragic is that these problems are both preventable and treatable - these babies don't have to die!


A small gesture can help save a tiny life

$50 can buy 2 new-born care kits.
Each kit contains all the equipment necessary for 8 safe deliveries and to care for each baby in the first days of life.

$64 can train a volunteer health worker.
A volunteer health workers can visit the hardest to reach women and provide them with antenatal and post natal support.

$310 can purchase a fetal heart monitor.
Help reassure mums and avoid complications by monitoring babies heart rate during pregnancy, labour and delivery.

Together we can help babies survive.


Almost a quarter of people in the Solomon Islands survive on less than $1.50 a day. Many families live in remote rural villages where mothers and babies lack access to the critical support they need. Every day is a struggle for survival and every day tiny lives are lost.

Half of new-born deaths in the Solomon Islands occur in the first 24 hours.

Experience has taught us that by providing a tried and tested package of essential support for mums and new-borns, we can greatly improve their chances of survival.

With your help we can train 300 health workers and 1000 health volunteers in maternal and new-born care. You can help us provide simple solutions like promoting exclusive breastfeeding, family planning advice, supplying new-born care kits and ensuring hospitals and medical facilities have the right equipment and medicines they need such as incubators and fetal heart monitors.

You can help save a tiny life.

Donate to Children in the Solomon Islands

Can buy 2 new-born care kits.
Can train a volunteer health worker
Can purchase a fetal heart monitor