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Survival Gift FAQs

How Do Survival Gifts Work?

What is a Survival Gift?

Where does my gift go?

How is my money spent?

What is a Survival Gift?

UNICEF Survival Gifts are life-saving and life-changing gifts that are distributed to children and communities around the world right through the year. When you buy a Survival Gift you are purchasing the actual product that UNICEF then distributes on your behalf. For example, UNICEF procures vaccines for almost 60% percent of the world's children - 3 billion doses a year! You could purchase an Survival Gift like Polio Vaccines and give 100 children the certainty of a life without polio.

How does it all work?

When you buy a UNICEF Survival Gift, you can choose to give your loved one or colleague an e-card or printed gift card with a photograph and description of the gift/programme you have purchased. Meanwhile, we dispatch your gift (or one from the same category in the event that there is a greater need for it) to children and their communities around the world. That way you will always know which area of our work you are supporting, and can be assured that it is helping the world's children, right now. 

How do I give a Survival Gift?

There are 4 simple steps to ordering Survival Gifts:

1.    Buy a life-saving gift for children in need

2.    Dedicate the gift to a friend or loved one

3.    Select whether to send an e-card or a printed gift card

4.    UNICEF will send your gift to where kids need it most

Will I get two cards if I purchase two of the same Survival Gifts?

Yes, and you are able to nominate a different delivery address for each card, if you wish.

How do I send the Survival Gift card to someone other than myself?

To send an e-card to a person other than you, when you reach the ‘Select Delivery Method’ page, select the 'Email To' option and enter the recipients email address in the space provided. To send a printed card to someone in NZ, when you reach the ‘Select Delivery Method’ page, select the ‘post to’ option and enter the recipients address in the spaces provided.

How do I send my Survival Gift Card Overseas?

E-cards are a digital card that can be sent to any email address around the world. To send your Survival Gift via email, select the ‘Email To’ option on the ‘Select Delivery Method’ page when processing your order. If you would like to send a printed card overseas you can call our shop on 0800 537 739 to arrange shipping costs.

Can I purchase a Survival Gift along with other items?

Yes, you can add your UNICEF Survival Gift purchases to your online shopping basket along with your Card & Gifts and Educational Resource purchases.

I want to buy a Survival Gift, but I don't want a card.

If you don't want to get a Survival Gift card, you can select the 'E-mail To' option on the 'Select Delivery Method' page and put your own email address in the space given.

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Where does my gift go?

Where do Survival Gifts go?

Survival Gifts are sent all over the world to the children that need them most. We will also send you an email once your gift has been dispatched to let you know where it has gone. To get a better understanding you can have a look at our Survival Gifts in Action in 2013.

Will the gift sent actually be the one I ordered?

UNICEF sends real tangible items; the items you purchase are the actual items being sent. However, we respond to the real needs of children around the world. As a result, there may be some cases in which the Survival Gift you have selected will be substituted with one from the same category, because there is a greater need for it. That way, you will always know which area of our work you are supporting and can feel assured that it really is helping the world’s children, right now.

How long does it take for an Survival Gift to reach a child?

Survival Gifts are sent to the field in a coordinated way depending on the needs identified by our local teams in the field. UNICEF has established long-term contracts with our suppliers so they too are ready to deliver when items are needed, which is particularly important in an emergency situation where timely delivery can make a vital difference.

How is my money spent?

Where does my money go?

Whichever gift you decide to purchase, you are allowing UNICEF to provide that item to vulnerable children and communities around the world. The range of gifts we supply is dictated by the needs of the communities and programmes that UNICEF supports. As such, for a few of our gifts we may occasionally substitute that gift with a similar item i.e. crayons instead of pencils.

What am I paying for?

The price you pay for your gift includes the costs of providing the 'gift' itself, your gift card, processing your order and postage costs. Where stated, the price of your gift also includes delivery/transportation and any local training and support that UNICEF may provide.

Does purchasing a Survival Gift count as a tax-deductible donation?

Yes, the cost of a Survival Gift is treated as a tax-deductible donation. However, any courier/delivery fee is not tax-deductible.

Are items procured by UNICEF produced with regard for human rights?

UNICEF applies the highest international standards of social responsibility, ethical procurement, safety and regulatory compliance in all the products we procure and deliver to the field. Suppliers have to sign a statement acknowledging terms and conditions related to child labour provisions when they bid, and when they sign contracts with UNICEF. If at any stage UNICEF discovers that a supplier breaches its contract and contravenes the agreed policies, the contract is terminated and the supplier is blocked from further business with UNICEF.

Where are the items produced?

UNICEF buys products from a wide range of countries, with nearly half procured from developing countries.