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Do you want to learn or teach about children’s rights and the responsibility we all have in helping realise these rights? Maybe you want to learn more about UNICEF’s work around the world. Or maybe you’re looking for ways that you can help to support UNICEF’s work through using your voice or your time. 

UNICEF New Zealand’s School Room has amazing educational resources that can help students and teachers access information and  learning activities they need to learn about Global Education, children’s rights and UNICEF’s role in helping children in the developing world, as well as learn how to make a difference to the lives of others. 



UNICEF supports the education of New Zealand's young people on child rights and global issues. Through our Global Education programme we offer:
  • Ready to use teaching resources aligned with the New Zealand curriculum and inquiring process
  • Information on large scale emergencies
  • Interactive projects, events and opportunities to get involved in social action
  • Research support for students on topics related to UNICEF, child rights, humanitarian and development issues
  • Bimonthly newsletters sharing latest resources, UNICEF news, and multimedia resources though our e-news for schools
  • Where possible we can arrange school visits or Skype calls to support classroom learning
For more information on how we can support your learning programme, contact Jacqui Southey on 0800 243 575 or via

For Each and Every Child - He Taonga Tonu te tamariki

UNICEF NZ  Book Launch 
To celebrate the 22nd Anniversary of the UNROC we published a new book 'For Each and Every Child - He Taonga Tonu te Tamariki' a picture book illustrating children's rights in child friendly language and illustrated by notable New Zealand artists.  
Copies of this book are available for purchase

Download Teacher Support Materials, developed in collaboration with Learning Media, aimed at levels 1 - 4.  For more information .

latest resources

Banging the Drum - Unveiling poverty in the Pacific:  A social inquiry unit aimed at helping New Zealand students understand the Pacific as more than a tourist destination.  Through this unit we explore themes such as poverty, climate change, water, education and development aid.
Children in Conflict-  Syrian Children Speak Out: The conflict in Syria has now reached a troubling milestone of 2 years.  Thousands of innocent children continue to be affected by the violence, and the UN have declared that more than 1,000,000 refugees have officially fled the country.  This powerpoint, video and associated activities focus on what it means to be a refugee from the perspective of a child, and explains how agencies like UNICEF are responding to this humanitarian emergency.

Download these and more resources free from the Teacher Resources area.