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Do you want to learn or teach about children’s rights and the responsibility we all have in helping realise these rights? Maybe you want to learn more about UNICEF’s work around the world. Or maybe you’re looking for ways that you can help to support UNICEF’s work through using your voice or your time. 

UNICEF New Zealand’s School Room has amazing educational resources that can help students and teachers access information and  learning activities they need to learn about Global Education, children’s rights and UNICEF’s role in helping children in the developing world, as well as learn how to make a difference to the lives of others. 



UNICEF supports the education of New Zealand's young people on child rights and global issues. Through our Global Education programme we offer:
  • Ready to use teaching resources aligned with the New Zealand curriculum and inquiring process
  • Information on large scale emergencies
  • Interactive projects, events and opportunities to get involved in social action
  • Research support for students on topics related to UNICEF, child rights, humanitarian and development issues
  • Bimonthly newsletters sharing latest resources, UNICEF news, and multimedia resources though our e-news for schools
  • Where possible we can arrange school visits or Skype calls to support classroom learning
For more information on how we can support your learning programme, contact Jacqui Southey on 0800 243 575 or via

latest resources

Crisis in Gaza - View a photo essay looking at the crisis in Gaza and the way it is impacting on children living in a war zone.  The essay is a snapshot into the crisis and looks specifically at day 23 of the conflict.  The photo essay echoes the call to stop the conflict to prevent more innocent lives being lost by Anthony Lake.
Download the photo essay 'Gaza in Crisis' (ppt, 1622 KB)

Traditional Games Resource - Featuring the traditional Maori ball game Ki-o-Rahi:  A collection of traditional sporting games from around the world inspired by the 2014 Commonwealth Games.  The resource consists of 11 game cards sharing a range of traditional games including the traditional Maori ball game Ki-o-Rahi.  The Traditional Games Resource is an excellent resource to assist in planning a school Commonwealth Games event and including traditional games as part of the day alongside the more well known games events.  Students will have a lot of fun learning traditional games from other countries.
Download the Traditional Games Resource (PDF 8.4 MB)
Download the Unit Plan and Achievement Objectives (PDF 911 KB)

Map Your World - A Social Mapping Resource: Map Your World is inspired by the feature documentary The Revolutionary Optimists.
Introducing the social mapping model through Map it, Track it, Change it, Share it; is a teaching resource consisting of six lessons that can be delivered over a two week period. The time spent on the activities can be adapted to suit the needs and abilities of your learners.  
The New Zealand version, based on the original resource, is aligned with the New Zealand Curriculum and the social inquiry process.  If your group or class are interested in conducting a Map Your World project, and would like more information or support contact Jacqui Southey Child Rights Education Advisor.  We are interested to hear from any schools who plan to carry out a Map Your World project in their school or local community.
Download the Map Your World resource (PDF, 2027 MB)
Check out the following video sharing a range of Map Your World projects.


UNICEF NZ  Book Launch 
To celebrate the 22nd Anniversary of the UNROC we published a new book 'For Each and Every Child - He Taonga Tonu te Tamariki' a picture book illustrating children's rights in child friendly language and illustrated by notable New Zealand artists.   
Copies of this book are available for purchase

Download Teacher Support Materials, developed in collaboration with Learning Media, aimed at levels 1 - 4.  For more information .

Download these and more resources free from the Teacher Resources area.