Kiwi Supporters


We can't do it alone!

We can achieve so much more for children through collective action. That's why we work closely with our partners and supporters to promote our work.


Partners in sport UNICEF’s partnerships with the world of sport are based on recognition of the undeniable power of sport to connect with children and adults throughout the world . UNICEF works closely with national and international...

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Service Organisations

These amazing organisations have been great at supporting our life-saving work for children! Our partners play a key role in strengthening our voice for children to governments, the media and their own communities. They also give practical help in...

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Corporate Partners

Many of our corporate sponsors are international in their operations and outlook, and appreciate the need to be socially responsible corporate citizens. It is clear they also want to help empower UNICEF to improve children's lives.UNICEF NZ offers New...

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Kiwis in the Field

A day at the office can mean many different things to UNICEF staff.  It could mean talking with a 14-year-old former child soldier about their experiences, or finding funding for vital supplies for children during an emergency, or dedicating each day...

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Celebrity Ambassadors

Some great Kiwis have joined with us to help promote our work! They play a vital role in promoting UNICEF, and enable us to highlight the work we do to improve the lives of the world's children.

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