Immunization for every child

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When war or natural disaster strikes, we do whatever it takes to get children immunized. We help broker ceasefires so that we can enter a war-torn region and vaccinate its children. After a disaster, we go door-to-door in the remotest areas to distribute lifesaving vaccines.

View photo essay: delivering vaccines to remote villages

In the Afghanistan war, UNICEF and the World Health Organisation negotiated with the Northern Alliance and the Taliban to stop fighting, so that they could immunize millions of children.

To get a vaccine from a laboratory to a child in a remote village is no easy feat!

  • We work with governments, donors and other partners to secure funding
  • We work with manufacturers to forecast vaccine needs and guarantee supplies
  • We purchase and transport vaccines
  • We train health workers and we mount campaigns to mobilise communities
  • We have also developed simple, affordable, and innovative solutions to complicated problems, like solar-powered cold storage units to transport vaccines to remote villages

You can help right now

By buying a Vaccine Carrier that is specially designed to keep immunisations cold, you can ensure immunsations are kept at just the right temperature for children to recieve.

Or you could purchase Gifts of Immunisation to provide to prevent kids from disease.

If you want something a bit different, send over a bike, they are often used to transport the magic life saving matter to remote villages around the world!