Gareth and Jo Morgan

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Gareth and Jo Morgan have been UNICEF NZ Ambassadors since 2007 and have visited UNICEF projects around the world.

They support an Education Project in the Solomon Islands as well as a programme for street children in Paraguay, and were instrumental in running a Water Project in Tanzania.

Gareth Morgan – a proud supporter of Global Parents

The renowned economist tells us about 'the best investment for children'.

"What do you do with your money?

"I look for the best return on every dollar I invest. Even when it's a charity, and especially when it's for children. That's why I support UNICEF, and why I'd like you to join me.

"Giving to charity shouldn't just be a heart thing. It should be a head thing as well. You want to be sure the money is spent where it has the greatest effect, on health and education programmes that deliver sustainable results.

"I've seen UNICEF at work. They have the scale to make an enormous impact in the lives of children, regardless of their race or religion.

"In my view, a pledge to UNICEF is the best investment you could ever make to help children.

The returns aren't financial, but they are hugely rewarding."

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a little about their lives

Gareth is a well-known economist, portfolio investor, fisherman, columnist and motorcycle adventurer with a larger-than-life persona that has won him many fans.

Jo's adult life spans a spectrum of interests - from welding to social work, importing, bus driving, teaching, studying languages, and mechanical repairs. She also brought up four children and ran a home as Gareth travelled New Zealand spreading the economic word.

Jo and Gareth exposed their children early to the realities of others' lives: in Smokey Mountain, Manila; on the Afghanistan - Pakistan border in the Hindu Kush; and in Korean primary schools. They hoped this would also foster in them a love of travel and appreciation of other cultures.

Now with a grown-up family, Gareth and Jo have widened their activities to roaming the globe on their motorbikes.

UNICEF is very grateful for their ongoing support.